Albury Tub Chairs


The Albury range of Tub of Chair are an economical and inviting chair, It is available with multiple base types to suit almost any application. Compact overall dimensions cleverly hide the generous internal seat size which caters for a very broad range of people and different user sizes. Ideal for both informal and formal reception, visitor, waiting and breakout areas, the Albury brings a warm and welcoming atmosphere with superb comfort.

* Detailed stitching
* Heavy Duty Moulded foam
* Wrap around shell
* Strong steel inner structure Options
* Chrome Slde frame
* 4 Way Hi Rise Swivel base
* 4 Way flat Swivel base
* Timber 4 leg splayed
* Charcoal, Blue, Chocolate, Teal and Purple fabrics
* Charcoal and Black vinyl


12 Months

Lead Time
10-15 Working days

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