The Classic is an infinitely adjustable ergonomic seating range. It is extremely well designed and endorsed by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists around Australia. The Classic has been especially designed for those with small to medium frames and is Australian made.  It features a VTEQ memory foam seat, back posture support, a six star polyurethane base, adjustable T arms and a synchronised 'Epron Mechanism.'

Options:  An optional 'ProMech' can be fitted to increase the maximum weight load from 100kg to 130kg which also includes an integrated seat slide.  Other optional features include a polished aluminum base, body form seat, sliding seat and an optional high back. 

Warranty:  Chair - 10 Years and Mechanical - 5 Years

Lead Time:  5 Working days

Certifications:  AFRDI Level 6, GECA Certified and ISO9001



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